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"One Flew Over the Banyan Tree"

This book has received a wonderful review from professional reviewer - Clarion, who has given the book 4 stars of a possible 5 (See page titled "Reviews")

This delightful read follows the adventures of a young boy's memorable stay at his cantankerous Grandmothers house after his father loses a top job and abandons his young family. Amusing chapters take the reader through a remarkable panaroma of adventures featuring the unique palavers and adventures of the "breakfast eaters" at an illegal shanty restaurant (which for want of a signboard is dubbed the "Nameless), the ruminations of a tree-climbing canine philsospher who despairs of the human race, a dastardly election campaign, an elixir for becoming young again, headless ghosts, dubious scholars at a private school, and plenty more lovable incidents and adventures.

The book paints a portrait of life in a specific district of a fictional former British colony in the early sixties. A strong sense of ‘tongue in cheek’ sort of humor is found throughout the books ten chapters.

The paperback book and the E-book is available at online booksellers websites including Amazon, iUniverse, Adlibris, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Bowker, Scribd, Chapters, Indigo ca, etc.

"Uncle Cheroot"

"Uncle Cheroot" (Unpublished as yet) follows the life of a young woman called Turtle who encounters her very strange Uncle Cheroot when she is twelve years old. Uncle Cheroot never seems to get old and often hints of his Druid ancestory.

As Turtle grows up her mysterious uncle often comes to visit her parent’s farm in the Cotswold’s, where he starts a passionate affair with Turtles mother, ending only with the lady's death several decades later. Uncle Cheroot adventures at the farm on his visits are recorded in a diary which Turtle discovers after his supposed death in plane crash.

The Diary reveals some rollicking incidents, often of a ribald nature, but also hints sharply that Uncle Cheroot is no normal being, but one possessing supernatural powers. As the years roll by Turtle discovers that she too is almost immortal and sets of on a journey to find her uncle whom she believes did not perish in that assumed plane crash long ago...

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"Alpha and Omega"

"Alpha and Omega" (Unpublished as yet) is a science fiction novel that relates the history of the planet Earth right to the end of the known universe.

The story is related by two beings who are photon-like in structure, projecting a consciousness rather than having physical bodies. The two spirit-beings relate how humans discover what comes after death, how resurrecting the dead became possible, constructing architecture in the earths atmosphere, cloning of biological and non-biological matter, the last world war (Fought between the sexes), the breaking up of the moon, the destruction of the earth and its planetary system, and finally the end of the galaxies, and the known universe.